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The secret they don't tell girls.

Updated: May 3, 2022

This is the secret they don’t tell women, or college lassies or young girls. Some of us stumbled upon the truth along the way. Mothers who know have found all the treasures of the earth. This is what needs to be taught to our children. The Mother needs to be raised up on a pedestal by fathers, by corporations and most importantly by women. This is where our female power lies and this is what is needed to win this ungodly war. The trickster has been luring females for too long away from family and motherhood juxtaposing the true power of being female with false notions of independence and glass ceilings. To be a Mother IS to be self-reliant, independent and chief officer of the most important unit in the world, the family. This is the narrative that needs to be told. This is the name they do not want named.

Not all women should be Mothers. Woman can choose what is best for them. Not all women should be Mothers. Not all women want to be Mothers. And unfortunately, not all women who wish to bear children can naturally, but their are options for them to still be Mothers. I am not saying women cannot have a satisfying career. I am not saying they should not choose to have satisfying career. They can and should if they so choose. Some women can have both, but not at the same time, usually. There are always benefits and negatives to both circumstances, working tirelessly 50+ hours a week for your independent empowering career is not always what it is cracked up to be. The positives and negatives should be considered. Even in the double income household where they can’t see how to make it on one income, a real assessment of costs should be done. Cost of daycare + cost of travel + cost of lunches out + cost of coffee pickmeups + cost of business wardrobe + cost of hiring help around the house or cost of doing laundry and chores late at night + cost of stress away from children who only really want to be with mom/dad/family + cost of doing every doctor office visit, grocery store run, errand during lunchtime or evening family time or weekend + cost of all the takeout and restaurant food on your body vs fresh home meals, etc., etc., etc.

The single family home another hard situation, and in this circumstance being near family who can help is essential. Not every situation is easy, but thought to total effect on family should be considered. It is not the devil that makes woman want to work or have a career. Trust me changing diapers for a several years is not always the best use of a woman’s mind. But women can have both, have a career, then have a family and now have the opportunity to continue to work on their passions after their children grow old enough. There are so many opportunities to be able to work at home today than ever before. My point is females today are sold a song and a dance about career, career, girl power, glass ceiling, empowerment, selfless independence and in reality, everything is a choice and nothing comes for free. To skip out on being a Mother for your career or dismiss being a stay at home Mother as only diapers and dinner is the wrong story. I know a lot of women who look back with regret for missing all the little moments they missed along the way while they were busy at work. Not to mention those women whose careers took front and center and in the end have no children at all. Women are told only to think about their amazing career choices and benefits of working, and career independence —not the true story about being a Mom and the amazing, life changing, magical, self-reliant, empowering, miraculous experience they can have as choosing to be a Mother.

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