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America is Freedom.

Updated: May 3, 2022

Americans want freedom. We are freedom. America sets the stage for freedom worldwide. Americans proved freedom. America showcased to the world how to create a free society without slaves. Slavery was not created in America. America abolished slavery and created a free land. Americans abhor slavery. America flourished under a constitutional republic where the freedom of man is not tied to a government or a group of people. America proved the freedom of man is innate and provided a platform for the individual's freedom to choose, create, live, grow, build and thrive. The freedom of man is why America is exceptional. Human beings do not want to be indentured servants. It is innate — human beings want freedom. In America, freedom in inalienable. America created a place for freedom.

Freedom is an idea and a moral philosophy. You either are for freedom or you are not. There is no in between. You can have freedom or tyranny. Not both. You can not have freedom with contingencies. There is no middle ground. At every point, freedom is a choice — vaccines, masks, schools, hospitals, businesses, airlines, grocery stores, fitness centers, subways, coffee shops. You either believe in freedom or you are against it. You can choose fear or freedom. It is not always an easy choice. Freedom is not always convenient. There are costs and risks with every choice. But, freedom is not for free. Every point matters. It all matters. At every crossroad, freedom either wins or dies.

The government does not grant freedom. The governement is formed by the people. The government's laws come from the people. The people either decide to insure freedom or they cow to power and money-givers. The government's power and money come from the people. The governement has no money, ever. The government makes, creates and earns nothing. Everything the government gives is taken from what American people make. If the government uses the money to gain power and control, instead of spending as the people wish, then Americans are no longer free, but indentured servants to the politicians. This is what has been happening as of late. Perhaps, has always happened. The government money-givers usurp the people's money and dispense it maliciously to gain power, control or more money. Then the people becomes slaves to tyranny.

Tyranny does not give up it's power. Usurpers never give it up freely. The usurper's philosophy of life is antithetical to freedom. The usurper's doctrine is for dominance. The people of America must each choose in favor of freedom or against it, in every city, every school, in every district and every deli shop. The people who choose to stand for freedom must endeavor to return the money, power and freedom back to the people. We have a constitution in place to protect against the usurpers. Over time and inch by inch, the checks and balances have been compromised. We are now facing a choice. Do we continue to stand for freedom or do we fold to the usurpers and tyranny?

You can have Freedom or #aNeilYoungWorld. Not both.

[ Neil Young said, "They can have Rogan or Young. Not both." ]

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